Nicaragua with a Newborn: 3 Travel Lessons

Carseat (2) In hindsight, maybe we were dummies. Shon and I returned from a 10-day trip to Nicaragua with Ben about two weeks ago and have only now mostly recovered. Shon went for work. Ben and I tagged along for fun—though I’m not sure the “fun” part of the trip ever really took hold. I’d be more inclined to call the adventure a “learning experience” and leave it at that. Continue reading

Goodbye, Guate! Hello, New York… & baby : )

The Fresh Exchange Blog.New York

I don’t follow bloggers who post inconsistently. I hate finding writers I like, coming back for more, and discovering the same old post I read one week ago, two weeks ago, then two months ago. Confronting an absence of new words over and over again leaves me feeling in the dark and a little stupid, too. If a writer’s abandoned a blog, why in the world am I still here? Go home, Melissa! Go home. Continue reading


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